Infusions and Concoctions

With a spectrum of inspiration ranging from the original spark that started it all – the coastal shipping routes of the Spice Trade – to fresh imaginings inspired by the scent of spring in the air, to the nostalgia of summers’ past, to the joyful reminiscing of the writings of Roald Dahl.

And with a broad range of technical methods being applied, such as fat washing – think lamb and rosemary infused rum, toasting fruit to extract the sugars, caramelisation, clarification and the creation of shrubs and fruit compotes. There is always something fresh, imaginative and delicious on offer.

You can sample the array of curious concoctions in all their naked glory, or let the friendly bartenders flex their creativity and construct a custom made cocktail, just for you.


Unveiling our exciting collaboration, the C.G.R. Merchant & Co. and Sacred Springs Chocolate Gin, chocolate infused Punt E Mes Vermouth, and Carrello Maple Gelato, fizzed with vanilla soda.

A nostalgic twist on a classic Kiwi childhood favourite – the Spider.   Building on a sweet chocolatey Negroni foundation, we’ve added a creamy dollop of Carrello Maple Gelato. And to top it off we’ve thrown in a little fun, with some taste-bud-tickling vanilla soda.

Every super hero needs a side kick, and our Spider is no exception.  So, we’ve teamed it up with a silky orange pie. The creamy citrus melds with the chocolate-gelato-negroni-fizzy goodness, adding a whole new dimension to the Spider Pie.