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Scarred wooden floors beneath your feet, the scent of oranges and spices in the air, fans spinning languidly above, creepers and vines trailing from the plunder laden ceiling; and row upon row of glittering vessels overflowing with delectable concoctions – an abundance of  spiced, infused, flavourful gin and rum.  Welcome aboard to C.G.R. Merchant & Co.


Anyone who has had the pleasure of being regaled with tales of action and adventure from wayward travellers can attest to the truth of the statement ‘travel inspires’. And right when he needed it most, inspiration struck in all its exotic glory for Justin McKenzie, owner and proprietor of C.G.R. Merchant & Co.



C G R Merchant & Co

44 Courtenay Place
Wellington, 6011
New Zealand
Phone: 04 384 6737
Email: cgrmerchant@gmail.com


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Just because something isn't on the menu doesn't mean we can't make it.Take a look at one of our old classics, The Merchant Sour, even though it no longer graces our pages we still have all the ingredients in house! So if you ever stop by and can't find an old drink you once loved just let one of us know and we'll see if we can recreate that drink just for you.#passionfruit #icecream #sour #infusions #havanaclub #bols #liqueur #lemon#bar #rum #cocktails #sony #camera

A cocktail originating from the 19th century The Old Fashioned is a true classic.Using the sweet taste of our chocolate and the balanced Caramel and Vanilla flavours of Makers Mark we've put a mouth watering turn on this exemplary drink.#chocolate #oldfashioned #infusions #bourbon #makersmark#bar #whisky #cocktails #fisheye #gopro #goproanz

Ah yes, here we see the lesser spotted bartender, Dionysus Charlius or Charlie, engaging in the preparatory ritual of the gin tasting. This ritual might seem bizarre to the untrained eye, but it is of crucial importance to the bartender species, as it offers a unique opportunity to exhibit their professional skill and prowess, in the hopes of attracting a mate. Note also the flamboyant design of the hair and beard, a fine example of this species careful grooming and attention to detail.The most exceptional of the bartender species are, incidentally, often found at CGR Merchant & Co.(No need to Google that)#classiccocktails #tasting #infusions #manbun#bar #gin #cocktails #dslr #camera

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